Crochet Hooks

Crochet Hooks

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    About Crochet Hooks

    After many requests and an appropriate dragging my feet period, I have started making Crochet Hooks. They have been thoroughly tested by a couple dozen expert crocheters and the consensus was that they are quite good! In fact, most said that they really liked them. Love was even mentioned.

    The seven different woods I am using were chosen first for durability and second for beauty.

    Tulipwood: salmon color stripes on a straw color back ground.

    Kingwood: varying shades of violet - beautiful stuff

    Bolivian Rosewood: looks a lot like walnut, but is way better wood

    Curly Maple: blond color with light and dark bands

    Bubinga: reddish brown with some grain contrast

    Ebony: black! The ultimate wood for most anything.

    Bloodwood: reddish color varies from dark red to rust color - good stuff

    The crochet hooks are all guaranteed. You break one, I replace it. Of course you have to let me know!