Needle of the Month Club

We had so much fun with the 2008 -2009 Needle of the Month Club that we have decided to start a new, slightly different, club!

I think many of you will be very pleased with this new offering! It was exciting and challenging last year to try new “exotic” woods to present to the club members. But now Sam has chosen his favorite woods to work with and I have chosen my favorite needles to use! We are now presenting them to you on this web site.

Our new Needle of the Month Club is this:
  • You pick the wood
  • You pick the length
  • You pick the sizes
  • You pick the duration

You may have all one wood or we will also send out Sam’s choice of needles for the month to those of you who were not able to join 2008 - 2009 NOM club, and would like to try new woods. (In other words, you won’t know what wood or size, you will be receiving until it actually shows up in your mail box!)

  • We will be offering 6 month and 8 month memberships!
  • Shipping and handling will be included in the price of the memberships.
Another feature of this new club is:
  • You can start anytime!

We are going to offer this NOM club continually! Forever!

And as with the 2008-2009 club you can pay immediately the full price or if you would prefer monthly billing on PayPal or Credit Card, just call or e-mail, and we will get you set up!