Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the actual length of the needles? What does 10 inch or 14 inch mean?
  2. The 10” or 14” refers to the “working” length of the needles. The finial adds about 1.5 inches to the total length of the finished needle.

  3. Can you make lengths other than the standard 10” or 14’” listed?
  4. Definitely yes. I can do pretty much any length you would like from 1” to 30”. I can also do sizes that may not be listed. Just give me the a dimension/diameter.

  5. Can you do woods other than the ones listed?
  6. Yes, if you provide the wood. I have done this a number of times. Say you have a special tree in your back yard or a piece you have acquired from friends or family. Just ask and I will tell you if it is possible.

  7. Do you sell wholesale?
  8. No, but there may be a special circumstance that could involve a discount.

  9. Can you do different finials (the decorative needle top)?
  10. Yes. Tell me what you want. I have a few alternates, or your own creation.

  11. Do you make circular needles?
  12. No.

  13. Do you have a storefront or shop?
  14. We used to have a shop in Seeley Lake, Montana called Books, Yarn & More, but closed the shop a few years ago. We sell now on line and at Arts and Craft fairs/markets.

  15. Do you ship international?
  16. Yes, anywhere they do mail. It may involve extra shipping charges. Some destinations are way more than others.

  17. Do you make things other than those on your web site?
  18. I am open to most anything. Just ask. Can’t hurt and it may be a great idea.

  19. Do these needles and hooks require any special care?
  20. Wood needles do need some care. If they need to be smoother, a little rubbing with fine steel wool should do the trick. If the points get rough from use, they can be refurbished with the judicious use of some fine 180 grit sandpaper. I do this frequently for Terry. She’s really hard on needles. Knits very tight.

  21. How do we store needles?
  22. In a word, carefully. A nice case that rolls up is good. Some people put them in a vase or some such if you want them on display. If you do this, put something soft in the bottom to protect the points. The main thing is to store them so they are not under any stress. Don’t just jam them in a knitting bag and then expect them to come out unscathed. They need to be able to just lie there peacefully and pampered. They are somewhat fragile.