About Us

I started making and selling Knitting Needles by (gentle) coercion. By that I mean, my wife Terry was the proud owner of a yarn shop in Seeley Lake, Montana and periodically would mention the need for wooden knitting needles. Suggesting that it would be a good idea for me to make them! After an appropriate time (a number of years) procrastinating, I began. After a learning period and selling a few I sent some samples to Clara Parks (Knitter’s Review). Being the warm, wonderful person she is, she gave them a very nice review! Thus launching my career as a maker of Knitting Needles. Who would have thought? It has been very satisfying personally and while the needles still resemble the original ‘Clara’ models, they are now way better than the originals.

You have no doubt heard that practice makes perfect. While They may not still be 'perfect', I have been told they are the "Best in the World". My advise, get some and see for yourself!